SeeknClean 2019 - Disk Cleaner and System Optimizer

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SeeknClean 2019 - Hard Disk Cleaner and System Optimizer!

SeeknClean 2019 - Frequently asked Questions

On this page we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions from SeeknClean users.

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What does SeeknClean 2019 do?
SeeknClean is a system optimization and Disk cleaning tool which removes hundreds to thousands of junk files from your system allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It is highly-recommended, must-have weapon against system slowdowns and the multitudinous debris that can clutter your computer.

What are SeeknClean 2019 System Requirements?

Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10
3 MB of Disk Space after Installation

Is it Safe to Download and Install SeeknClean 2019?
SeeknClean 2019 is digitally signed and Safe to download and Install. It does not interfere with system files or drivers. Junk files found by SeeknClean are also safe to delete.

How do I Install SeeknClean 2019?
SeeknClean can be installed by downloading the file SeeknClean_setup.exe from . Choose The save option. After downloading the file, run it by double clicking it and follow the instructions on screen. The setup will install SeeknClean on your system and you can then start using the program from either the SeeknClean icon on your desktop or the quick launch bar.

What is the file vbrun60.exe in the SeeknClean Install folder?
This file installs system files by double clicking it, which are required for SeeknClean to run properly on older versions of Windows like Windows 95 and 98.
This is not needed for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 where the files are already installed.

When I download the program, I get a warning it may harm my computer and its not commonly downloaded, what does that mean?
SeeknClean 2019 is digitally signed and 100% Safe to download. Internet Explorer Smartscreen filter can give a false alarm by giving a message that the program is not commonly downloaded or that this type of program may harm your computer which is a generic warning builtin to IE 9 which shows up when you download any file from the internet which has a .exe extension. If you do get any of the above warnings, ignore and click Actions and then choose Run Anyway option to Install SeeknClean 2019. Alternatively either switch smartscreen filter off or use an alternate browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari.

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